Some Basic Things about Coffee Roasting


Coffee roasting is a genuine form of art. Green coffee beans do not have that typical ‘coffee’ flavor. The specific flavor is obtained through coffee roasting. Although the green coffee bean, prior of roasting, includes caffeine, protein and complex acids, but it has a taste that has nothing to do with the coffee we are accustomed to.
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The carbohydrates and fats of the coffee beans are converted into aromatic oils through the heat generated by the roasting process. Heat eliminates carbon dioxide and moisture, decomposing and boosting acids, leading to that remarkable coffee flavor.

For a true connoisseur, coffee roasting is just one element for that particular flavor. The taste of a specific roast cannot be easily described because of the abundance of coffee bean types, variants and varying roasting times.

Still, here are some coffee roasting basics:

Light coffee roasting or New England or Cinnamon roast. Adjust the roaster to roughly seven minutes. The light roast is complete as the beans nearly double its original size. This is the coffee that is easily and commonly found at mass market coffee roasters. The obtained flavor is light bodied and the coffee bean is dry with a rather bitter taste.

Medium roast coffee is commonly known as American, Regular, full City and Breakfast. For this type of roasting set the roaster to somewhere between nine and eleven minutes. Although it is not so common in stores as light roast, but it is not hard to find. Compared to light roast it has a sweeter taste delivering a cup of coffee with a more intense aroma.

Dark coffee roasting also referred to as Continental or French roast is obtained by setting your roaster to about thirteen minutes. When the oil gets to the beans’ hot surface you will hear a hissing sound. The obtained taste is sweetHealth Fitness Articles, spicy and pleasantly intense.

Really dark coffee roasting is darkest coffee that can be achieved before the deterioration of the coffee bean’s quality. You know this coffee roast as Italian or espresso roast. That pleasant Italian roast is obtained through fourteen to fifteen coffee roasting. The coffee beans will first hiss (because of the oil inside the beans) and then will smoke. The beans’ sugar content will carbonize and caramelize leading to a full smoky flavor.

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