Skinny Garlic Mashed…

…cauliflower is the perfect low-fat substitute for high-calorie, high-carbohydrate mashed potatoes.

I did trick my husband with this recipe, but have to be honest and say my 16-year old son totally knew the difference.  He ate them anyway…and ended up liking them!!
Article by: Tami at Fit on the Fly!

  • 116 oz frozen cauliflower florets
  • 2tbsp sodium free chicken stock
  • 2tbsp reduced fat tub margarine
  • 2tbsp plain non-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1tbsp minced garlic
  1. 1. Add cauliflower florets and chicken stock to saucepan and cook until desired tenderness (overcooking is not a bad thing here!)
  2. 2. Drain cooked cauliflower and add to food processor, blender or bowl.
  3. Add margarine, Greek yogurt and garlic.
    4.Process, blend or mash until desired consistency.

Nutrition info  (makes about 2 cups) 

Per cup:  75 cals, 3 g fat, 5 g carbs,  4 g protein

Just to compare, one cup of mashed potatoes prepared with whole milk and margarine = 240 cals, 9 g fat, 35 g carbs, 4 g protein

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