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I know that I have!

Hey, my name is Daniel Garcia. And I’m a man who has come a long way in terms of health and fitness.

I struggled mightily with my weight from high school all the way through college.

The moment I’d lose weight one week, it SUDDENLY shot up the next week! I had a very bad case of the “yo-yo” effect.

And the reason for this was quite simple….I…HATE….DIETS!

Dieting has never been my thing. I don’t understand how the HECK bodybuilders can eat nothing but broccoli and chicken for MONTHS just for one competition!

It’s just not that serious to me.

Yes, I wanted to be in-shape and have all sorts of muscle definition showing on my body.

But, when I had to sacrifice my delicious Mexican food to get results, I knew this weight loss thing would be an uphill battle.

As you probably guessed by now, I am a full-blooded Hispanic man.

I grew up in a household where Mexican food was our staple diet.

As I’m sure you already know,
Mexican food is delicious!

Burritos, tacos, tamales, enchiladas,
chimichangas, etc.

You name the Mexican dish & your taste buds
will go crazy!

Unfortunately, Mexican food isn’t the most
nutrient-dense food. It lacks protein and is very
high in calories and unhealthy fat.

If you REALLY love Mexican food like me, you
will also probably have gone through the
weight loss struggle like me.

Maybe you were okay in high school, but started gaining weight in college.

Or maybe you escaped college still having a healthy weight, but your love of Mexican food started showing itself around your waistline once you started working a 9-to-5.

Consider yourself lucky because I couldn’t even escape my teenage years!

As I got older, I began getting seriously into fitness. This led me to becoming a certified personal trainer.

While I had no problem with exercising and breaking a sweat, I couldn’t eat healthy to save my life!

Life would be so much better if we could eat whatever we please and still be in-shape by just exercise alone!

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

I noticed that my personal training clients were having the same issue as me. They would get fit and strong, but have issues with long-term weight loss due to their love of food.

Ironically, most of my clients had an affinity for Mexican food as well.

I desperately wanted to get my clients (myself included) long-term results and put an end to the “yo-yo” effect.

So I started doing a lot of research in an effort to figure out ways to make Mexican food healthy.

Whew!!! That’s all I got to say about all them sleepless nights I endured trying to create this cookbook.

At times, I thought about giving up BUT the thought of having to eat chicken and broccoli to keep weight off pushed me forward.

Now, after months of research and experimentation, I present to you…. Tastier Than Tacos – 100 Authentic Delicious Mexican Recipes To Burn Stubborn Fat & Ignite Your Metabolism!

This cookbook contains authentic Mexican recipes that are low in calories and rich in nutrients.

The recipes include spices that are scientifically-proven to boost your metabolism and ignite fat-burning hormones.


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