Jamaican Recipes Cookbook Vol-1



The tricks of the trade that pros use every day to make soups, Seafood, and Meats.

Rare tips enabling you to prepare culinary delights that can make even the best of the chefs envious.

The super-simple Recipes for making incredible Rastafarian Dishes. (YES! You can finally make Tasty Bob Marley Ital Stew, Ital Coleslaw, Ital Soup, and Banana Porridge on your own!)

How even a beginner can get started and prepare incredible Jamaican Dishes almost immediately

And much, much more…

The secret recipe for making the best-tasting Vegetarian Dishes on the planet.

A book that provides 100% reliable information on all aspects of Jamaica Dishes, “Jamaica Cooking” book, is just a click away.


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