4-Course Lobster Roll Meal for 4!



Really hungry? We start you out with the kind of apps we all love…the Best Chowda anywhere, plus enough lobster mini-grilled cheese sandwiches to send you into lobster nirvana. And we never skimp on the lobster. Each lobster roll you build will have a full quarter pound of sweet claw and knuckle meat ready to be nestled in the perfect New England-style roll. Plus real condiments and full 2-ounce portions of 100% Maine potato chips. Whoopie! We include dessert for all of you!


The Best Maine Lobster Meat (Claw and Knuckle Meat)

New England Split-style Rolls

Kate’s Homemade Maine Butter

Miniature Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Jar



4 Lobster Mini Grilled Cheese Appetizers

4 Lobster Mac & Cheese on the Half Shell

Fox Family Maine Potato Chips

4 Whoopie Pies        

**Orders ship same day if placed before 1pm est Monday – Friday.**


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