Packing my Suitcase with Allane Milliane


We here at doozytravel love to showcase awesome places to visit including other travel websites that love to travel…today we showcase “Packing my Suitcase with Allane Milliane”….
I am a Brazilian girl who was born with a love for traveling, and discovering the World. I have lived in 5 countries, learned 5 languages, and after falling in love with a German, moved to the lovely city of Munich and have been struggling to learn German ever since.

My heart is occupied not only by traveling, but also by my family and friends, my dog, my earliest passions: Formula 1 and diving, my respect for animals, my love for food and wine, my craziness for making lists and addiction to planning. And this is what Packing my Suitcase is all about, everything that’s in my heart, what I have seen on my travels and what I have learned from them, plus a little bit of my life in Germany.

I have always believed that no one can take your knowledge away, it is always there in your mind, wherever you go. While on the other hand, material things cannot be taken with you to your next life. Traveling is my school, is the best way I found to learn… to learn about other places, countries, its culture, and people; and you would never believe what it is out there until you see it.

Welcome to Packing my Suitcase, I hope you feel at home here as we discover this World together, on the surface and underwater.
You can visit Allane at Packing my Suitcase , on Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram

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