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If you’re like me and thought unhealthy food cost less than healthy food, I’m really excited to have you read this blog post and the latest news article from NPR. Article courtesy of Tami from Fit on the Fly

First off, I am so busted! I used to love McDonald’s. I even worked there in high school and, not-so-surprising-to-me-now, that is the exact same year my thighs started rubbing together (and they STILL rub together!!)


Anyway, I used to think fast food was inexpensive and – brace yourself – delish! I didn’t know the first thing about food chemistry, pink slime, or the “hidden cost” of eating the stuff. And anyone who may have tried to tell me was quickly labeled, in my book, a FANATIC! 

God rest her soul, my mom never taught me how to cook. I was the seventh of eight kids, so I guess it was just easier for her to do it herself (and with kids of my own now, I GET that!)

So yeah, I went a lot of years eating the junky stuff because it was easier, but also because I didn’t have the knowledge to do much more than boil water (if that!)

Seriously, where am I going with all this??

Oh yeah, starting that eating pattern early in life not only killed my taste buds for real food, but I was also eating it at a critical age in my life when girls are known to develop their “set point” weight (usually around the ages of 16, 17, 18, but with girls now menstruating earlier in life, those ages can be much younger.)

My desire is for you all to know my “heart” for being healthy doesn’t come from a “pedestal of perfection”, but from what seems like a ga-zillion years of struggling with my own issues with food.


That said, I want you to know I founded Fit on the Fly with two missions in mind:

1. help families realize it’s possible to prepare healthy and delicious meals in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

2. give kids the information and encouragement they need to realize making better choices is do-able and fun!


(as seen in Success Magazine)

God has been so good to me!  If you’re reading this, you are such a blessing in my life!

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