Black Ivory Coffee – The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World!

🐘 INCREDIBLY DISTINCTIVE – Unique in every sense of the word and naturally refined by elephants, Black Ivory Coffee features notes of chocolate, tamarind, spice, a hint of grass and without the bitterness associated with regular coffee. Coffee connoisseur or not, you will love the taste of every sip!
🐘 PURE INDULGENCE – Black Ivory Coffee is only served at select five-star hotels due to the high demand and scarcity of the supply. However, as only a few will have a chance to visit the properties in Thailand, Macau and the Maldives, we have set aside a portion so that customers across a wider geographic region can enjoy our unique coffee experience.
🐘 ETHICAL SOURCING – Local villagers as well as students of the local high school get the benefit of every order you make, earning a day’s worth of wages in just 15 minutes of work. The money earned generally tends to support aging parents, health expenses, school fees, food, clothing and education.
🐘 ENLIVENS CONVERSATION – Bring back the days to when there was more to an afternoon conversation than just a pair of smartphones. Each decadent brew of our gourmet coffee will put a time stamp on memorable occasions. A gift that is sure to please any coffee enthusiast.
🐘 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Based in Ban Taklang, Thailand, we support the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. They educate the children of elephant care-giving families on the plight of wild elephants in Thailand and on the issue of human elephant conflict. Children travel to a national park where for the first time in their life they see elephants in the wild. For most, this also represents the first trip outside of their village. Find out more HERE

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