Best Maine Lobster is not your ordinary company!


Best Maine – It is a passion project of three friends, two of whom spent their most formative years living on the coast of Maine. The third is a California native who built a successful career around offering unique and highly desirable products through e-commerce. But it’s the rest of the story that should really matter to you.

When two brothers grow up just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in mid-coastal Maine, odds are they are going to be exposed to lobster at a very early age. And not just lobster…Maine lobster, the world’s best. When other kids were watching a hot dog be slipped into their split-top buns, our guys were watching their parents fill theirs with fresh sweet, lobster meat and just the right amount of mayo. When their friends were sipping on chicken noodle soup, they were dipping their spoon into homemade clam chowder or decadent lobster bisque. Imagine the awed stares they got at restaurants when they were downing steamed clams while other young ones were ordering off the kids’ menu. See More

Fast forward a few decades and a whole bunch of travels. Lots has changed. But not their love of lobster…Maine lobster. Enter their friend and business associate who’d successfully built a number of successful online sites. One evening, when the often feisty and engaging conversation turned to favorite foods, it became clear that they all loved…and missed…lobster. Lobster rolls. Lobster mac ‘n cheese. Lobster pot pie. You get the idea…any dish that features succulent, unmatched Maine lobster.

Best Maine Lobster was born. Born from the realization that there are people all over the country whose ongoing yearning for Maine lobster has largely been suppressed. That is, until today…

Now that we’re able to bring Maine’s best to your door, get ready to experience lobster your way. Enjoy Friday night feasts, just like the brothers enjoyed growing up. Make family celebrations really something to celebrate. Give Holiday gifts that bring on the oohs and aahs. Cater your next party from miles and miles away. You get the idea.

You may not be able to breathe in the air at Acadia National Park or take a boat ride around Boothbay Harbor or even stroll the beach at Kennebunkport on a crisp fall day. But you can bring the best of Maine to your door anytime you feel the urge. Go ahead. You work hard. You deserve the best. Best. Maine. Lobster.

Just thinking about bringing you the best lobster on the planet makes us all friends with a common passion. How can that be bad?

The best lobster is a Maine lobster.

Maine lobster is one of the oldest continuously operated industries in North America, with the first documented catch dating back to English settlers in the 1600s. But the American lobster did not achieve popularity here until the mid-19th century.


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