7 Funny Conversation Starters


7 Funny Conversation Starters

Engaging in conversation is a simple thing. At least when it comes to the superficial types of conversation, the ones designed for killing time through idle chit-chat. Making a conversation deep and meaningful, however, takes a little more. The fruits of this effort can be more than worth it, for deep, meaningful conversations have a way of forging bonds and fostering intimacy between two people in a way that not much else can. Here are five good and deep conversation starters to get you going.

While you’d think that funny conversations are light, easy and carefree affairs, believe it or not they take considerable effort and practice to begin and maintain. The common adage that comedy is the toughest thing to do is no lie, and even with something as seemingly simple as a conversation with another person or a small group, it can be among the most difficult things you do all day to kick off a funny, engaging conversation. But with a little preparation and practice it won’t be a problem to get friends, guys, and girls laughing. Here are seven funny conversation starters to help you get started.

Finding something in your surroundings that makes you chuckle or amused and pointing it out in conversation can be a funny way to kick things off, or to keep a conversation going when it seems that it might stall out prematurely.

Everyone, believe it or not, loves a bad joke when it’s told intentionally to be a bad joke. Cheesy pick-up lines can work like, “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” They are so awful sometimes that it is incredibly funny, and often gets everyone in the group to begin sharing the bad and cheesy jokes they know. For example, “What do you call a video of pedestrians? Footage”. Please, stop laughing.

A quirky and ironic statement – either directly related to something or someone in the conversation, or related to something else entirely – can be a great way to get the mental and social juices flowing and give a decidedly intellectual and humorous path to a given conversation. Find something like “why are self-help programs always conducted in groups?” or comments along those lines.

Everyone always loves a funny story with a personal touch. Stories are a great tool for effective communication. It not only helps get a conversation rolling along toward the funny side, personal anecdotes help endear you to your conversation partners as such stories help everyone to get to know you better.

For whatever reason, vacation stories tend to be funny (not so much as a good conversation starter with strangers, but friends), as all of the best laid plans always seem to to wrong in precisely the most humorous ways. Whether it’s a person you sat next to on the plane, or the kayak that refused to stay upright, chances are something funny has happened to you on holiday, and this conversation starter will get everyone sharing theirs.

Bad business meetings, poor encounters with people and things, bad traffic stops, for whatever reason people seem to delight in others’ awkward moments. Such incidents are fun way to get everyone sharing.

This is usually the most fertile ground for sharing funny stories and getting everyone talkingArticle Submission, as most everyone has had at least one humorously bad date. Use it on a man or girl you’ve started dating to show you’re funny side.

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