6 Affordable Bathroom Decor Tips


Keeping the bathroom in the best condition is not just necessary for your comfort but also essential for maintaining the value of the house. Many people try to put of the refurbishing of bathrooms as they are low on budget.

The good news is that you can improve the look and functionality of the bathroom without spending too much money. Small changes can have an enormous impact on the outlook of the place. Here are some of the affordable ways that can help in upgrading the look of the bathroom without breaking your bank.

Fresh paint:

A new coat of paint can have a significant impact on the appearance of the bathroom. The paint is an excellent way of giving is a fresh look and also hiding any scratches on the walls. If your bathroom is prone to too much moisture, then you can also use the paint that offers extra protection to the walls and maintains their color. You can also find paint to update the ceramic tiles and floors. It is the most affordable and quick update.

Getting new hardware:

The bathroom has a lot of hardware such as towel bars, cabinet knobs, toilet flush handles, etc. You should upgrade them so that the bathroom stays functional and shiny new equipment is excellent to uplift the look of the place. The fixtures do not cost much, and they will make the room look brand new.

The lighting fixtures:

Changing the light fixtures is not very expensive as there are varieties of affordable lighting fixtures in the market. Getting rid of old lighting fixtures will not just give a new feel to the bathroom but also lower energy consumption. If you know a little bit about electricity and its fixtures, then you can also change them without any professional help. The best choice is to add LED lighting fixtures as they do not heat up, they are durable and extremely energy efficient.

Upgrading the textiles:

The textiles that you place in the bathroom also have a huge impact on the look of the bathroom. Putting mismatched towels in the bathroom will make it look messy and unorganized. Always put good quality towels like the Egyptian cotton towels. These are not just soft but also add elegance to the place. You can also add color with the help of accent towels. Changing the floor mat and shower curtain can also have a tremendous impact on the outlook of the bathroom. In this mean, you may look for cheap towels.

Maximizing storage space:

You can enhance the value and look of the bathroom by decreasing the clutter and maximizing storage. You can add new storage space, or you can improve the existing one. You can add pull-out drawers in the existing cupboards; wall-mounted baskets, floating shelves, or a small cabinet that is furniture style.


Accessories are perfect for improving the look of the bathroom without spending too much money. They also help in adding personality which enhances its value. You can add a live plant, scented candles, room diffuser, bathroom soap dishFree Articles, etc.

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