10 Cozy Casserole Recipes


Everybody’s Favorite Corn Casserole

Bursty bites of cream-style corn and sweet corn plus garlic, bacon, and cheese throughout – so you know it’s really, really good!

corn, cream-style corn, bacon, sour cream, cornmeal, cheddar cheese

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

A 5-ingredient stacked enchilada casserole layered with tortillas, beans, and chicken and covered with cheese and enchilada sauce.

shredded chicken, enchilada sauce, Mexican cheese, tortillas, refried beans

Sweet Potato Casserole with Brown Sugar Topping

Made from scratch with a crunchy brown sugar topping that will give you life. A Thanksgiving recipe classic!

sweet potatoes, butter, sugar, pecans, vanilla, eggs

Chicken Tetrazzini

Comfort food classic! Egg noodles, sautéed mushrooms, roast chicken all baked together with a béchamel sauce.

chicken, egg noodles, mushrooms, flour, butter, cream

Green Bean Casserole

Fresh blanched beans in a silky, rich sauce speckled with gruyere and shallots – plus crispy onions on top to boot!

green beans, butter, white wine, soy sauce, gruyere cheese, crispy fried onions

Southwest Sweet Potato Tater Tot Hotdish

This sweet potato tater tot hotdish is a spicy twist on the original – loaded with peppers, corn, black beans, homemade queso sauce, and tots! YUM!

bell peppers, poblano peppers, corn, black beans, pepperjack cheese, mushrooms

Chipotle Sofritas Tortilla Casserole

An easy recipe made from scratch that makes a perfect freezer meal! Sofritas tofu, chipotle enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, and cheese FOR THE WIN!

tofu, enchilada sauce, tortillas, cheese

Ricotta Berry French Toast Casserole

This casserole is SUPER EASY! 5 minute homemade brioche, ricotta cheese, and berries. No canned biscuits here! So delicious!

flour, butter, eggs, ricotta cheese, honey, raspberries

Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuits

Sautéed shallots and thyme, a splash of white wine, creamy chicken, peas, and carrots all baked under a homemade biscuit topping. YUM.

chicken, carrots, shallots, celery, peas, flour, butter

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Saucy mushrooms, carrots, and peas topped with creamy mashed potatoes. Real food meets comfort food!

mushrooms, carrots, peas, shallots, tomato paste, fresh herbs, potatoes, butter

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